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game of thrones ladies + red
(requested by hug-me-misha)

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school video about the beauty dictatorship based on the russian constructivism aesthetics.

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Moscow - 02.06.2014 xxx

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I know one thing. I know that you are wildling to the bone.

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That good son of Hades


Nico fell. His hand was placed over his stomach and his eyes were fixed on Percy, who was laying on the ground completely still. Nico heard his head hitting on the floor, but felt no pain. He could feel death coming, he knew it was his time. He closed his eyes but opened them again right after…

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the beautiful people: Jennifer Lawrence

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the beautiful people: Kaya Scodelario

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The war is won
before it's begun
release the doves
surrender love

Wave the white flag!

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"The look on your face when you carried her... me... her. When you carried her, you used to look at me like that. I'd forgotten how much you loved me. I'd forgotten how much I loved being her. Amy Pond in the TARDIS with Rory Williams.
If you love me, don't let me in. Open that door, I will. I'll come in. I don't want to die. I won't bow out bravely, I'll scream and fight to the end.
Don't let me in. Tell Amy—your Amy—I'm giving her the days. The days with you. Days to come. The days I can't have. Take them please. I'm giving her my days."

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I’m here again.

I moved to this new blog.

I already followed some of you guys. if any of you want to find me, I’ll be there.


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And I don’t wanna see what I’ve seen
To undo what has been done
Turn off all the lights
Let the morning come
You’re a hard soul to save
With an ocean in the way
But I’ll get around it

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Anonymous said:
I'll miss you ;-;

daw <3

but I am so addicted to this shit I am already making a new one.

I’m posting links soon.

thanks anon. <3

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